Venus legacy

Venus Legacy
Toe Nail Fungus Treatment

Despite their best efforts, many people struggle to get rid of stubborn fat, cellulite and stretch marks. Men and women spend a lot of time and money on fitness programs, special diets and creams that don’t often deliver the results they’re looking for. For the problem areas you thought you would have to live with, Vanishings has a solution – Venus Legacy.

Vanishings is the only medical clinic in northern Alberta that offers this new, revolutionary technology, which is the only device approved in Canada for treating stretch marks. Clients can lose inches without making changes to their lifestyle and those who have already tried Venus Legacy are raving about the results!

How it Works
Using patented (MP)2 technology, a soothing heat matrix is emitted over the area you wish to target. A thermal reaction in the skin’s tissue activates the body’s natural healing power. As a result, skin contracts to reveal surfaces that are firmer and show fewer wrinkles and less cellulite.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does Venus Legacy feel like? These treatments are painless, totally non-invasive and require no downtime for recovery. In fact, some people even compare the experience to a hot stone massage!

How long are the treatments? While it depends on the area you’re having treated, each session typically lasts 30 to 40 minutes.

When can I expect to see results? One of the most amazing things about Venus Legacy is that some people see results after their first session. In most cases, however, a minimum of 6 treatments are required before results are seen on the face, 8 for the neck and 10 for the body.