“Healthy skin is beautiful skin”

ProductsVanishings is proud to offer results-based skin care products. Whether you have a skin concern such as rosacea, acne, sun spots or are interested in healthy aging of your skin, let our Skin Care Technicians recommend a customized program for healthier, younger looking skin.

LycogelVLE6LATISSE®ElastiLash (Obagi)Obagi System
Next Generation Technology
Lycogel®’s revolutionary and unique Triple silica gel technology forms the unique “breathable” matrix contained in our formula. The chemical structure of the matrix causes it to be attracted to the surface of the skin so that it stays in place, providing a base to suspend fine particles like color pigments, physical sunscreens and deliver the benefits of our LYCO-Complex™ ingredients.

The Difference
Under magnification, the matrix appears as a breathable meshwork to allow air, moisture and ingredients to reach the skin – it’s like wearing a “second skin”.

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