How Medical detox Center Helps in Methadone Withdrawal

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One of the major reasons that people get admitted to the rehabilitation center is the detoxification. The advancement of medical science has provided many magical remedies to fight some wars off. However, over time some of those boons have turned into banes. One such medical miracle was methadone. The synthetic drug was primarily used to treat severe pain. Currently, the opioid is used to treat heroin and some other drug addiction. The highly addictive substance can only be cured by admitting the patient in Barrie’s Medical Detox Centre.

However, before starting the war against the drug, let’s know some details about it.barrie detox centre
What Is Methadone?

The drug is a part of the opioid family. It is not anything new and has been used by the medical practitioners for over 50 years. Medically, it is categorized as an opioid agonist that is like the narcotic medications. Short term effects of methadone can include, feeling of euphoria, drowsiness, and sedation. The drug has a relaxing effect on the nerves of the patients. According to the professionals of Barrie’s Medical Detox Centre, the effects of the drug are eerily similar to that of heroin.

So, it is not surprising that the drug can act as an addictive even if it is used to treat heroin dependence.
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What Is Methadone Withdrawal Like?

Withdrawal from methadone is considered to be one of the worst. It is deemed so because of the length of the withdrawal that the patient suffers from. The symptoms of the withdrawal start generally after 30 hours of the last exposure. The time frame is longer compared to other types of opiates. The pain, however, is as severe as the rest. The length of the withdrawal depends on the health of the patient and the length of his or her addiction. Generally, the symptoms last for a few weeks or longer. Here are some of the withdrawal symptoms gathered by the professionals of Barrie’s Medical Detox Centre.

  1. Insomnia
  2. Sweating
  3. Anxiety or agitation
  4. Nausea
  5. Stomach cramps
  6. Muscle aches
  7. Diarrhea
  8. Lacrimation

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Treatment Methods and Options for Help

Though the withdrawal can be emotionally and physically challenging for the patients and their family members, with the help of the right tools and right methods, all those difficulties can be avoided. One efficient method to avoid addiction is to alternate medication. Consult with the professionals of Barrie’s Medical Detox Centre, and decide which of the alternate medicines will be beneficial for your loved ones.

You can also reduce the dosage and give your body some time to wean the dependence completely. This is a crooked way, but it works. The only problem is that it takes longer to overcome the effects of the drugs completely. However, lowering the dosage slowly might not evoke such strong symptoms as you quit the drug completely.

Being addicted to drugs will only make your life miserable. So, try to ditch the nasty habit as soon as you can. However, it is utmost important for the addicted persons or their family members to get in touch with the qualified members of Barrie’s Medical Detox Centre. The tough roads get a little bit less harsh if you could find someone who can help you.