Benefits Of Medical Marijuana In Many Diseases

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Here are 10 of them, depending on the ailments for which people commonly use medical marijuana.


In study of human being, 10 HIV-positive marijuana smokers, scientists found that people who smoked marijuana ate better, slept better and experienced a better mood. In another study of 50 people found that patients who smoked cannabis had less neuropathic pain.

2. Alzheimer’s

Medical marijuana used to help patients with Alzheimer’s disease gain weight, and research found that it decreases some of the wild behavior that patients can show.  In a cell study at medical cannabis clinic calgary, researchers found that it slowed the progress of protein deposits in the brain. Scientists believe that these deposits may be part of what causes Alzheimer’s disease, although it is not yet known what causes the disease.

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3. Arthritis

A study of 58 patients using marijuana derivatives found that they had less pain caused by arthritis and that they slept better. Another review of studies concluded that marijuana can help fight the pain caused by swelling.

4. Asthma

The studies shown by medical cannabis clinic calgary are opposing. Some cell work showed that smoking pot could open the airways, but some patients experienced a feeling of tightness in the chest and throat. A study in mice found similar results.

5. Cancer

Animal studies showed that some marijuana extracts can kill certain cancer cells. Other cell studies show that it could stop the growth of cancer and with mice, THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, improved the effects of radiation on cancer cells. Marijuana can also prevent sickness that often accompanies chemotherapy treatment.

6. Chronic pain

Some studies in animals and humans show that cannabinoids can have a “substantial analgesic effect.” They were widely used for pain relief in the 19th century. Some cannabis-based medications, such as Sativex, are being tested in patients with multiple sclerosis and are used to treat cancer pain. The drug was approved in Canada and in some European countries. In another study, which included 56 patients, the scientists observed a 30% reduction in pain among those who smoked marijuana.

7. Crohn’s disease

In a small study of 13 patients observed over three months, researchers found that inhaling cannabis improved the lives of people suffering from ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. It helps relieve pain, limited the frequency of diarrhea and helped with weight gain.

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8. Epilepsy

By use of medical marijuana, it reduction in the frequency of certain seizures in children and adults in a study of 213 patients recently.

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9. Glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the important causes of blindness. Scientists have investigated the impact of THC on this disease in the optic nerve and have found that it can lower the eye pressure.  But it is also possible that the blood pressure will also be reduced, which could damage the optic nerve due to a reduced supply of blood.

10. Multiple sclerosis

The use of marijuana or some of the plant’s chemicals could help prevent muscle spasms, pain, tremors and stiffness, according to the early stages of observational studies, mostly with animals. The disadvantage: it can affect memory and other major disease; in that case you need a best clinic, medical cannabis clinic calgary for example.