Clinical facials

In our efforts to provide our clients with the latest in products and services, we have created a ‘Clinical Facials’ menu. While our in-office peels and rejuvenation programs (see here) work to correct these problem areas, our Clinical Facials will help you maintain your healthy skin.

Along with offering these new procedures, we have also incorporated new products to further allow you to achieve and maintain the results you are looking for.

Vanishings is pleased to offer Circadia®Professional Enzyme Treatements.
CircadiaThese Enzyme Facials help to brighten, clarify, calm and soften the skin making them ideal as an ‘in-between’ or maintenance treatment! Not only do they work well, they smell fantastic and are very relaxing!

There are 3 formulations available:

COCOA – Soothing and calming formulation, ideal for rosacea, acne, aging and sensitive skin.

RASPBERRY – Anti-inflammatory formulation for aged, wrinkled and sundamaged/sensitive skin.

ZYMASE (Citrus) – Perfect for acne/problematic skin including environmentally damaged skin.

For more information, or to book an appointment, please contact Vanishings today!